Support for People with Prostate Cancer

Cancer and its treatment can have a big impact on relationships between partners and within families.

Prostate cancer, in particular, has an impact on the emotional side of every man living with it and on often their partners, family members and friends too. There is support that can help. Before, during and after treatment, a lot of men find it useful to get some support and so do partners and family members. Prostate Cancer UK and Relate are working together across Northumberland and Tyneside to offer free confidential relationship counselling, family counselling and sex therapy, according what people want.

Talking to a counsellor can be very useful. Relate Counsellors are trained to listen, to help people understand their feelings and to find their own answers. The Relate counsellor can meet you on your own, or with you and your partner or with family members including children, parents or siblings, to talk through:

• Changes and problems with relationships because one of you has cancer
• Difficulties talking to and supporting each other
• Problems talking to children, parents and other relatives about cancer
• Challenges in getting “back to normal” as a couple or family, when treatment is finished
• Problems with sexuality resulting from surgery, treatment, altered body image, tiredness or anxiety
For more information or to book an appointment call 0191 232 9109 or email: [email protected] . You can also ask your cancer treatment team or your GP to refer you.

Sessions are FREE for people living in Northumberland and Tyneside.