Separated Parents Information Programme

The Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP)

is a course designed to help parents who are separating, or have separated, become clear about what their children need most from them and learn the fundamental principles of how to manage conflict and difficulties – including how to put this into practice.

The Programme encourages parents to take steps for themselves. It is often better to reach an agreement away from court and the Programme can help make sure that any agreement made is based on the child`s needs. The Programme will give you ideas and signpost ways in which you can get help outside court, and you are expected to make use of these where possible. The Programme also aims to help both parents to improve communication skills as separated parents. The majority of parents that go on the course find it very helpful.

The Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP)

  • Is delivered to mixed groups of parents in one four-hour session. You need to be there for the whole programme.
  • Separated couples do not go on the same course, but it is important that both parents go on a programme.

A SPIP might be appropriate for parents (or other parties) when:

  • You have difficulty focusing on your children`s need due to ongoing conflict.
  • You find that your feelings and reactions to the separation are affecting your ability to communicate about your children.
  • You would like communication to improve – perhaps you are thinking about mediation.
  • There are no safeguarding concerns about children or parents.

The programme covers:

  • Working as separated parents in the best interests of your children.
  • What children need: you will watch a powerful DVD made by young people that follows a family over a six month period.
  • Parent communication – you will be asked to think about prepared scenarios from other viewpoints. You will also see and try out some methods that can help both parents react better to stress in practical ways.
  • Emotions – you will look at the emotional effect of separation or being separated parents and the option for moving forward

This is what other parents have said after attending the group:

“The right thing for my children, and myself – in that order.”
“I`d recommend the course to anyone who has separated from their partner, with children – even when conflict is minimal.”
” I found this course very informative and it certainly changed my outlook and views. (Brilliant).”
” Excellent presentations. Very well prepared and made the day relaxed. A lot better than expected.”

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